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Minor calendar changes

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The calendar may look a bit different than you're used to, but nothing's really changed.

For starters, the selection of state / month / year / area code now happens off to the left -- bringing it in line with similar navigation in the rest of the site. The left navigation is not used when printing calendars, so they will still run the full width of the page.

The bigger change is that we no longer display all the listings from past dates, at least not by default. That is, if today is the 5th of the month, the entries up through the fourth will be omitted, replaced with an ellipsis "...". Click on the ellipsis to reveal all listings for the month, including those that have already passed.

As alway, feedback is appreciated.

Episode 90 of the MusiciansCast podcast has a nice mention of (although they link to us as, which does work :-) Seems like a brief, useful, podcast - info of interest to aspiring indie musicians.

It's actually Dave Wemble of The Indie Bible who mentions the site, and his references to "provinces" reminds me that I really need to update the site to better reflect that we definitely handle Canadian listings, too.

Why are there so few Canadian open mikes listed? Because we don't get that many submissions. Why is that? Because I'm an idiot and haven't done a very good job of letting people know they can submit Canadian nights...

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