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US and Canadian Open Mikes - by musicians, for musicians


Upcoming Dates

  • Thursday, Dec 08
  • Thursday, Dec 15
  • Thursday, Dec 22
  • Thursday, Dec 29
  • Thursday, Jan 05

Just contacted them. Still being held.

Sign-up @6:30pm, start @7.


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Robin (10/2014)
Is it for singers too? Is there a house band?
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Jenna jerasa (7/2011)
The Thursday night OM is dominated by a very young ( high school) crowd. However, the Tuesday night OM is still great for a more "mature" ( whatever that means) crowd. I enjoy playing SC and look forward to Tuesdays. ( also it's still FREE!)
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 Dave Bolles (1/2009)
One of the coolest open mics around,draws a HUGE crowd, 100+ each week. Well worth the $3.00 to get in. The open mic at Steel City has done so well they had to open a second one on Tuesday nights. The main host Erich Mace is awesome.
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Jackie (5/2008)
If you're over the age of 15 this is not the venue for you. I went to this once-great venue last night. I paid 3 bucks to get in. I entered at 8 minutes after 7pm. I was #21 in line. I then sat through numerous brutal teenage acts, only to get within an hour of the end and I find out I don't have time to play. This used to be a great place to play music. As for right now, I say DON"T WASTE YOUR TIME!!
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