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Keyboard soloist seeks change in part-time career from sports officiating. :-)

I have written several original songs now. Some are fullly written songs (like "The Big Man Strut",) some are structured jams (like "Up Your BE's") and some are in-between and/or long (like "The Crossing".)

I live in Seattle and plan on attending open mic nights for now. I would like to join a band that is not single-minded about music style. However, work currently calls for some travel and I don't want to leave bandmates out to dry because of it.

Primary playing styles are Rock and New Age, but can branch into Heavy Metal, Hip-Hop and others. Main influences are the Progressive Rock giants like Yes, ELP and Genesis; as well as more recent Prog bands like Spock's Beard, Dream Theater, The Flower Kings and Transatlantic.

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