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US and Canadian Open Mikes - by musicians, for musicians

Café Zippy

Open Mike (music, poetry)
Every Thursday at 7:30pm

Hosted by Garret

2811 Wetmore Ave
Everett, WA


  • Submitted by Marilyn
  • Last updated: August 25

Upcoming Dates

  • Thursday, Dec 08
  • Thursday, Dec 15
  • Thursday, Dec 22
  • Thursday, Dec 29
  • Thursday, Jan 05

? is there anywhere to sign up for a spot or do you just go and get up there when you are ready to sing/ read ??
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Rachel McKenzie (11/2015)
they want all originals… only
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Anonymous (8/2015)

I played here a couple of Thursdays ago. It was fun, but there were a couple of surprises. The main one being, you only get 3 minutes or 1 song, whichever comes first. The night is mostly devoted to poetry… there were exactly 3 songwriters the night I played.

To answer Frankie below, yes, they have a PA but if I recall correctly only 1 mic. It works out ok as it's a small room. I didn't observe an amp. I imagine you could bring one but I wouldn't -- taking extra time to set up won't be appreciated.

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 sun tunnels (8/2012)
? Do I need a to bring a sound system for the open mike nite? I have an acoustic guitar and just need a microphone and amp… do you supply that?
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Frankie (5/2012)

I personally know of venues that were harassed and threatened. In the realm of litigious actions, it's who can make the biggest threat and of course, back it up, that wins. Most small venues just struggle to get by and want no part of being involved in such actions.

Many, who can invest in the fees, to include offering copyrighted material in their venues, do so. Others choose to close their musical offerings altogether or adopt a strictly original songs approach. You can't fault them for doing what's best for their bottom line.

If you find that one open mic doesn't allow cover songs, you can either adapt, by writing some of your own songs and then use that open mic to feature your original material, or you can migrate to an open mic that does allow cover songs. There are many open mics to choose from. Hey, perhaps you could even host an open mic of your own. Then, you can decide who sings what kind of songs at your event. You'll have the freedom and the power to ban all original songs and only feature cover songs. Then I hope you won't mind a few nasty comments about your covers only open mic being posted here by those who enjoy playing original songs.

If you judge the quality of songwriters so lacking, then show those can't meet your expectations how it's done, by writing better songs and you will become the darling of songwriters everywhere, due to your ability to outshine everyone else.

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Anonymous (10/2011)

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