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Uncommon Ground

Open Mic
Every Monday at 7pm

Hosted by Acousticboy and Larry SIlverman of Flammable Dress

1214 W. Grace St.
Chicago, IL

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  • Last updated: August 10, 2009

Upcoming Dates

  • Monday, Dec 05
  • Monday, Dec 12
  • Monday, Dec 19
  • Monday, Dec 26
  • Monday, Jan 02

This open mic is a bit weird and intense - in that, you're basically playing for the other open mic-ers. While everyone seems very nice, the contest aspect of it contributes to a bizarre, intense vibe. Worth checking out, but nothing I want to do regularly. Very coffee-shoppy, folk-y, music.
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sissyneck (6/2009)
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Roe (9/2008)
Don't like the "one song only" policy. Just when you get warmed up, it's over. After making the trek here you deserve to get the customary 3 tune set.
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This open mic used to be a LOT better before the current (insufferable) host. She definitely plays favorites, choosing just her friends to be called up as the three best performances. One week I went and she called up someone who had completely forgotten their song. She hosts the open mics at both locations (Clark and Devon) so the finals at each place have virtually the same line-up. Can't wait til her regime is overthrown!
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mandapanda (6/2008)

This is a nice open mic, if you don't get hung up on the contest aspect of it. The night I was there, the woman running the event basically picked the people she knew for the winner and runners-up, although she herself performed a very interesting piece on the electronic drum.

It can also be an expensive night. There was an early show that went on before the open mic and it was suggested we put $10 in the tip jar that went around. Then a little while later, the tip jar went around again for the open mic contest and we were expected to dig into our pockets again. I also had dinner, which was good but expensive and a 7-up.

I ended up putting down $38 by the time I left just for the opportunity of playing one song.

It is a very responsive audience though and there is a lot of talent here, moreso than other open mics I've been to.

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Anonymous (3/2008)

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