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The Fret House

Open Mike
First Saturday of the month at 6:30pm
309 N. Citrus Ave.
Covina, CA

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  • Submitted by Lyn Carter
  • Last updated: September 5, 2015

Upcoming Dates

  • Saturday, Jan 07
  • Saturday, Feb 04
  • Saturday, Mar 04
  • Saturday, Apr 01
  • Saturday, May 06

? are poets welcome and do poets occasionally perform here
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London (11/2012)
the last comment sounds good in paper (anything can be made to sound good in paper) but the fact is the so call "new" or "it keeps things new all the time" is not really new it's kind of like pulling your old 45's vinyl from the attic and playing them again for the unsuspecting and calling it "new". In other words the so call "new artists" are boring and usually play old stuff like dylan, eagles etc… or originals that sound like they were put toguether half fast and are midiocre at best and by the same token artists that used to be regulars for which people came for to listen are no logner showing up because of this system and the crowd often inquires about them so this is an ok system like the "coffee" but things would greatly improve in terms of quality of performers if they went to a "free" system of first come first serve system regardless of who played when, what or where.
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Anonymous (2/2011)

The Fret House is a great place to perform. The crowd is very attentive, friendly and supportive. The sound is decent and you can get a recording of the 2 songs you perform for $5 bucks. They do sign up the musicians that have never played there before first and if there are any open slots (usually isn't) they allow people who have play there before play again. It seems like a good system since it keeps things new all the time as opposed to going there to see the same people perform all the time just because they showed up extremely early. Even if you are performing there for the first time, show up early so you can get a good time slot during the 1st set. (there are 2 sets) people usually start leaving after the 1st set which goes on till about 10 pm. The place has good vibes, give it a chance. :)

One more thing, they have OK coffee for a $1 donation and it is free refills. They also provide soda or water & bread or cookies.

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If this is the venue I have heard about, it sounds like a rockin blast. However, from the comments I would have to wonder. Can someone verify that it is worth the trouble and how much equipment is there for the artists?
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 Nathan kilgore (10/2010)

The guy that runs this open mic is killing it slowly but surly with his idiotic non-sensical rules like:

1) he has to sign up all the new comers first ( plain BS)

suggestion: well, if the new comers show up on time they sign up otherwise tell them to show up earlier next time.

2) oh he has to sign up all the people that didn't get on the list last time (more BS!)

better way: the reason why they didn't get on the list is because they showed up late tupid. tell them to show up earlier next time daaaaaaaaaaaa!

3) oh I have to sign up all my friends and special guests. (more bs)

if your friends and special guests are so good than save it for a special night and let the people who earned their spot on the list by showing up early on open mic night get on the list.

what the hell ever happened to common sense. oh I know it's to easy and it makes too much sense so let's make some egotistic rules just to disrupt the natural flow of how things should work.

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anonymous (10/2010)

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