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Skylark Café

Open Mic
Every Wednesday at 8:30pm
3803 Delridge Way SW
Seattle, WA

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Upcoming Dates

  • Wednesday, Dec 07
  • Wednesday, Dec 14
  • Wednesday, Dec 21
  • Wednesday, Dec 28
  • Wednesday, Jan 04

Skylark's Open Mic now starts at 8:30, with a 7:30 sign up.
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 Roger Kelley (1/2015)
Played here the last Wednesday in September 2013, had a fine time. Good stage, good sound system, tasty mac'n'cheese, owner very friendly. Sound guy said play 4 or 5, just me and acoustic guitar. Full electric band played after me - Fire vs Time - I'm an old graybeard but I enjoyed their songs.
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Jeff Dalton (10/2013)

Hi Dick Richards and performers… yes, apparently there is one open mike at Skylark----and it's on Wed. Prior to this year, they had a posting for a Tues open mike, which has been removed from the listings. Now----it appears there is one open mike---Wed. I am left to assume that Skylark decided, perhaps, to consolidate their open mikes into one night? No clue re: the discrepancy from Skylark… but it's all good. So, note to performers ----- always call the venue prior to find out the latest info as venues can be lax in updating

It's a cool venue---decent sound ( bit of heavy hand as they are rock oriented). But for various reasons, not a good open mike choice for me in the future! cheers and rock on!

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 katy Keenan (3/2013)
Now I take it all back! I didn't know that there are 2 open mikes----Tues--acoustic only and Wed--open to full bands (so of course that's when they go) So I went on the wrong night------ignore below rant----cool place BUT pick your night!
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 katy Keenan (2/2012)
As far as I know there is only the Wednesday Night open mike at Skylark. The calendar lists Karaoke on Tuesday nights.
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 Dick Richards (2/2013)
I played the Skylark open mike last year and it was fun and yes, cool range of acts and good sound so we went back last night expecting the same---eclectic, some electric, some acoustic, ya know a pleasant mix. BUT I am an acoustic guitar open miker--singer songwriter I guess, and when we got there there were 3 names on list so we jumped in at 4 and 5. And the first was a full electric Husker Du-like band, with full set-up (and time) and soooo loud the bench I was sitting made my ass tickle. OK not so bad---and then 2nd up---another full, keyboards 2 guitars, drums, bass---FULL BAND. This one was sooooooo loud it was really painful. By this time there was literally no one but me in the room (the few patrons had retreated to the little ante-space at the rear). I was holding my ears. I went and screamed at the sound kid "is the 3rd a full band." It was--so we left. I think the Skylark (open mike) has turned into a public space for full, metal, rock etc bands to rage--which is cool cuz there are few others. It may have been a fluke but singer songwriters, and others--be warned.
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 katy Keenan (2/2012)

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