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Pete's Candy Store

Open Mic
Every Sunday at 5pm
709 Lorimer Street, Williamsburg
Brooklyn, NY

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  • Last updated: January 6, 2015

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  • Sunday, Dec 18
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I've gone twice now, but no more. Disorganized and it does seem favorites are played as there was definitely someone who did not sign up but got to play anyway - not cool. And quite a few people played and then packed up and left - also not cool.
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Bill (1/2015)
is this event open to hip hop artist?
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rononeal (11/2014)
Fun open mic, but some people definitely signed up on the list a half hour before it was put up. The host then discreetly let only a few people know when the list was being put up. I don't care, I got on the list. But it's a lack of professionalism that sours the atmosphere of a nice space.
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aaron (9/2014)
I'll add - there are only a few musicians who stick around to hang out and interact. too many of them literally jet as soon as they're done. so it's kinda crucial to get an earlier spot - otherwise it's kind of a waste of time. a lot of the musicians and comedians literally will just be hanging out in the back and won't come in except to perform and then leave.
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aaron (9/2014)

Aaron, what time was the sign up sheet put out? Their website says the mic starts at 5pm but no word on what time sign up starts.


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Jimbo (9/2014)
? Hey guys, just curious, is the age limit for the sign up or does it apply to audience members as well? Thanks
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Carla (2/2012)
I attended this open mic once and was not that impressed. I've been to many many open mics in my 25 plus years of performing around the country. The host seemed to be super stoned or at least not very able to properly run an open mic. He rambled a lot on stage during his 'set' and several times through out the evening he wasn't in the room when a performer would be done… causing everyone to wait for his return to set up the next performer (wasting time that others could have been performing)… also while the stage is nice and people friendly, the venue has a pretty lame setup. The seats for audience members are facing each other on either side of the room NOT towards the stage. It made it very uncomfortable to stay and listen. It is nice that they have a dedicated space for the music that is closed off from the bar. I wouldn't say don't go… It's just not my type of scene. I found it more pleasant to hang out at the bar. For an open mic I'd rather make the trek to some place like the Waltz Astoria on a Tues or Wed night.
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discoqueen (11/2011)

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