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Patricks Irish Pub

Acoustic Open Mic
Every Wednesday at 10:30pm

Hosted by Johnny Redbird Burroughs and Paul Beaveridge

800 9th St B
Greeley, CO


Upcoming Dates

  • Wednesday, Dec 14
  • Wednesday, Dec 21
  • Wednesday, Dec 28
  • Wednesday, Jan 04
  • Wednesday, Jan 11

Usually a goood crowd and fine musicians. Patrick's does have soft drinks if you don't want alcohol.
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Still Going!
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First of all,I will say what I don't like about this bar.This bar has no activities like pool,shuffleboard,trivia or has any TV's to watch sporting events.All your allowed to do here is sit and drink.The only thing they have outside of alcahol is water.The bar gets really noisy when it gets busy.The last thing I didn't like was the number I listed is The Owners cell phone.He doesn't answer his calls,but only his text messages.But what I do like is,that Renee Swick runs a great Open Mic and has great musicians.Renee is looking for more musicians and has asked me to help find some more.If your interested,come on down.
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