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Upcoming Dates

  • Wednesday, Dec 14
  • Wednesday, Dec 21
  • Wednesday, Dec 28
  • Wednesday, Jan 04
  • Wednesday, Jan 11

The open mic is now hosted by Cammy Enaharo. The open mic has become more crowded, so make sure to show up by 7:30 if you wish to get to play. Typically you will only get to play 2 songs.
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 Steven Choi (1/2014)

I agree with the previous review. The host is very friendly and ensures that everyone gets on stage---really! I've been to open mics where sometimes people don't get a chance to play or have to wait until very late, and that doesn't happen here. The open mic starts at 7:30, but the crowd doesn't really build up (if it does at all) until 8+. Great sound, stage and lighting, combined w/ the great acoustics of the small venue will

make you feel like a rock star… with a very small and somewhat inattentive crowd. Still, I do love playing at this place---and right on Park Avenue!

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 Steven Choi (4/2012)
? When you go do you need to bring all your sound stuff or do they provide it? Do I only need my guitar?
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Billy (9/2012)
? Do you just need to bring a guitar or do you need to bring your own sound setup?
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Billy (9/2012)
Great little room, attentive crowd. You'll sign up around 8:00, and the ball gets rolling around 8:30. There will be 6 - 15 folks there on any given Thursday, so you may play 2 songs or you may play 4 songs. It's a very collaborative and supportive open mike. I highly recommend it.
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 Fred Bement (11/2011)
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