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Paris Morning Bakery

The Open Mic at Paris Morning Bakery - Davie
Every Saturday at 7pm
4900 South University Drive
Davie, FL
This is a continuation of a group of musicians who used to regularly attend the open mic that was at Your Big Picture Café from 2010-2016 (now closed). It's a weekly adult, acoustic open mic for original and cover songs. We have different guest co-hosts each week. For more info, contact Bob at 786-262-5750.


  • Submitted by Bob
  • Last updated: September 30

Upcoming Dates

  • Saturday, Oct 01
  • Saturday, Oct 08
  • Saturday, Oct 15
  • Saturday, Oct 22
  • Saturday, Oct 29

Getting ready for another great open mic, this Saturday, Oct 01, from 7pm-11pm. Sign-up is at 6:30pm and there's a special surprise!
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 Bob (9/2016)
What an amazing opening night we had last night (09/24/16) at Paris Morning Bakery. Fourteen great performers, a full house of listeners, and the Bakette Dancers who conga-lined the night way! See you all next week!
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 Bob (9/2016)
Somebody ought to write a folk song about all this.:)
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Jesse (9/2016)

(how's this Jesse?)

Ballad Of An Open Mic

(sung to the tune of The Beverly Hill Billies theme song)

Come and listen to my story of a Davie Open Mic

Lots of good singers who would drink and sing all night

Then one day the place they used to sing it closed

So they moved to Paris Morning Bakery just up the road

(University, that is, big avenue, Davie style)

First thing you know, everyone’s singing their tunes

Drinking Bubble Tea and eating BingSoo

And the Paris Morning Bakery they fixed it up just right

With a practice room and kitchen to keep us all in delight

(Food, that is, stuff to eat, oh what a treat!)

Well, now it's time for our homecoming open mic

Thank you to all those who play and listen tonight

You're all invited back each week to this locality

To have another heaping helping of food and singing

(The Bakettes, that's what they call 'em now, Nice folks, Y'all come back now, hear?)

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 Bob (9/2016)
Yes, there is a long tradition of folk and acoustic music here in SE Florida. You could even go back to when Michael Stock co-hosted an acoustic open mic on Miami Beach (1970's?).
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 Bob (9/2016)
If you really wanna imbue this with historical mojo, you could make a case for roots going back to Chocolate Mousse and through Stage 84.
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Jesse (9/2016)

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