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McGonigel's Mucky Duck

Open Mike
Every Monday at 7pm

Hosted by Wayne Wilkerson

2425 Norfolk
Houston, TX

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  • Submitted by emily
  • Last updated: January 24, 2012

Upcoming Dates

  • Monday, Dec 12
  • Monday, Dec 19
  • Monday, Dec 26
  • Monday, Jan 02
  • Monday, Jan 09

Sorry, I know people want this open mic to be great, but the simple fact is that it is the worst open mic I have ever been to. Not too freindly to "beginners" is an understatement, but I have been to open mics all over the country. Nashville, Austin, Chicago just to name a few. Problems… sound is horrible… you better know very quickly what you want in a monitor mix… wayne is a "set it and forget it" engineer. Sound could be something spectacular, but isnt. He has no problem playing for 30 mins with his friends but wont give you 12 mins of playing time… told me "your done man" after 10 mins! No worries, ive been hated on before. If you have any talent at all do not go to this open mic. Now ive gone 5 times trying to give this place the benefit of the doubt… im done. Good luck to everyone else who goes here. Food is pretty good and beer is good but make sure you go with at least 30 bucks in your pocket unless you just want to drink water! Wayne Wilkerson is a very bitter musician… and to be honest hes not as good as nashville lead players when it comes to backing you up… he just sits at his little table, mingles with the girls and drinks… dont take my word for it, go, play, pay and then you tell me what you think! Best open mic in houston my azz… wonder who they payed to say that? Good luck… try last concert café… better host, better crowd. peace
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Ryan Parr (1/2012)
? i am hosting a vocal exchange student from Norway who studies at HSPVA and has expressed interest in performing at open mics while here. She sings jazz and popular music and is quite good. What do you do to perform on open mike night? Is there a set procedure, a fee, or is it just first come first serve? Is there any ability to have house musical accompaniment? Any advice would be helpful and appreciated.
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Tom Shahriari (2/2011)
Fills up fast, often a WHOLE lot of talent, but I've got to agree that it's not too friendly to beginners. This is definitely a more professional meet and greet. It's good to visit once in a while - the sound's great and it's a cool stage, but that rush for the list is just absurd. I had a friend sit at the wrong table and when the waitress put down her placemat, 10 musicians signed it before she could explain it wasn't the list. Just a little too tense for my taste.
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 rob ilyAIMY (4/2007)

Friendly crowd this night. The sign-up tradition is kind of fun, bring a pen because when the sign-up sheet goes down it's a race for the slots, and pen stabbing is encouraged (just kidding). I heard tonight was more "civilized" than most, as there weren't as many people as a typical night.

Great sound, stage and lights. I found the audience to be very attentive and supportive.

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 Mark Ludmer (4/2006)
Acouston/folk/eclectic. Fills up fast. 2 mics and 2 DI's onstage ready to use.
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emily (2/2004)

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