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US and Canadian Open Mikes - by musicians, for musicians

The Lizard Lounge

Open Mike
Every Monday at 7:30pm

Hosted by Tom Bianchi

1667 Mass. Ave.
Cambridge, MA

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  • Submitted by Sam Bayer
  • Last updated: November 1, 2014

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  • Monday, Dec 19
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don't forget to comment on your experience. I am a huge fan of this show. It is totally unique. I highly recommend it. A grand piano front and center. The host is a serious musician in his own rite. The level of attentiveness performers receive is unrivaled in this genre. It would be unnerving if it weren't for the lights blinding you just enough so people's gazes aren't that noticeable. If it's on purpose it's brilliant. If you are a traveling musician, contact Tom ahead of your visit and if there's a spot you have a good shot. This one's all about the music, there's no pool table and no sports. I hope this one never dies!
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 Dave Kraft (11/2014)
? Looking to read my poetry at your open mic Monday! Driving in from Cape Cod, Monday the 7th. What's an appropriate time to arrive to sign up? How many minutes does each artist get at the mic? Want to prepare timely material.
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Sarah (7/2014)
Visiting from Colorado again, and second time playing here. We once again had a fantastic time playing on aug 27, 2012. Watching 20 sets of original music was far better than watching covers. The audience is very attentive and if you talk during a performance, it better be a whisper! The level of talent is far better than anywhere I have been. The $5 cover for observers is a good thing because people come to watch great original music, not yak, play pool or watch TV. The cover keeps casual fans of open mic away and provides a serious venue for performers who also pay a $3 cover. I think it's worth every penny. Awesome selection of beer. Best performer wins the cover money. I would vote for Audry and her magical harp and vocal stylings as the winner, and the guy with the civil war song is a close second. Thanks again to host Tom.
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 Dave Kraft (8/2012)
? Hello I'm touring in the area from AZ. and would like to inquire about getting a slot at the open mic tonight at Lizards.
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Shawn Johnson (1/2012)
I was visiting from Colorado and got to play by emailing the host. We had a good time. Pro level talent. Instead of a contest for best, how about a lucky random drawing for the prize at the end? People that are not top tier talent would be more encouraged to stay to the end. Just a suggestion.
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 Dave Kraft (3/2012)

E-mail Tom on Monday morning and there's a decent chance he can squeeze you in that night if someone dropped out. It worked for me the first time I went. I've been to open mics where you show up, sign up, and you still might not play (CANTAB LOUNGE!). I get that it's sort of a pain to have to sign up in advance, but it's worth knowing you'll definitely get a chance to play.

As far as the "competition" goes, half the performers voluntarily exclude themselves from it by playing covers. The other half are only partly interested in it anyway. Being in the "final three" is a nice little gold star for a job well done, but I don't think it's the reason people come and it's certainly not a reason to skip out on this open mic.

Tom is a great, welcoming host. The musicians are good, styles are varied, and the crowd is attentive to a fault. Absolutely worth checking out.

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Matt (1/2011)

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