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US and Canadian Open Mikes - by musicians, for musicians

Lil' Hoolies

Open Mike
Every Monday at 10pm
13135 SW 89th Pl
Miami, FL


  • Last updated: September 15

Upcoming Dates

  • Monday, Dec 12
  • Monday, Dec 19
  • Monday, Dec 26
  • Monday, Jan 02
  • Monday, Jan 09

This is a hard rock place but the bass guitar player who organizes it is very accommodating and works hard to put you at your best while still maintaning the integrity of the band and the entertainment for patron. You need to be prepared to go plugged in and some good rock n roll. I got on and they invited me back but I saw one of the best metal guitarist ever. And some of the young guys, how do they know these songs? Way before their time. I had SO MUCH FUN! Dec. 2012
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Bruce (12/2012)
Just about everything cindy-jo dietz described in Nov. 2008 is what we experienced in July 2009… to the T… all nine paragraphs… except it wasn't on a game night so they turned down the volume on the TVs. This event should not be called an open mic.
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fKahn (7/2009)

"Pardon my French, but don't waste your fucking time!"

The most unorganized open mic I have ever attended. Unless you are friends or related to the host don't expect to get on stage.

The state of confusion hit us like a brick to the face. We arrived at the sports bar, Little Hoolie's (Miami), around 9:30. The Hurricane's appeared on every tele we could spot. The place was packed, not with music fans, but sports fans. What was supposed to start at 9 didn't until way after 11 and THERE WAS NO SIGN UP LIST. The host organized the show by having musicians come up to remind him they wanted to play, but when we did he acted annoyed.

After waiting through a multitude of songs we began wondering how this worked. As a full band would spend 15-20 minutes breaking down nobody was performing. Why the host didn't take the opportunity to stick smaller acts up while bands broke down, I have no idea. There was plenty of room to do so. Our buddy Juan went up to ask.

Ladies and gentlemen, let the stroking begin!!! The host came over and began spinning on about how a bunch of underage kids were in the bar. He was going to have bands they came to see play first so they would leave. Plus, open mic was running late due to the game (duh, don't throw open mic at sports bars on game night) and BTW I'll be playing with the house band. I'll have to wait until they go on, blah blah blah.

I had a guitarist, Charley, who I explained would be playing with me. He override this statement with their band would know whatever song I was going to sing. I always thought open mic was OPEN. This was sounding more like Open Jam, not Mic. The delivery was clearly intended to shut me up so he could go back to doing whatever it was he did.

We waited and waited. It didn't take long to figure since none of us had our mouths wrapped around this dude's dick; we weren't getting on stage. The bands intended to clear out the underage kids strategy was crap, since most of the musicians seemed way over 40, playing classic rock from before any 19-20 year old would have been born (not that there were actually any underage kids there to begin with, they check ID). The host's daughter finally shows and suddenly she's on stage screaming into the mic her versions of classic rock hell. I spoke to one act who played early on and found out they were friends with the host and so was every musician that actually got to play. We finally left around 1:30 still with obviously no hope of playing. We went back to Juan's, jammed some tunes, then went home.

What a waste. We could have gone to any number of legit open mics in Miami, but chose this excuse for one. NEVER AGAIN! Let me save you some time. Unless you are willing to get intimate with Johnny Allen in exchange for an opportunity to play on stage at a sports bar where most of the crowd is more interested in watching ESPN, go to a real open mic and have some fun actually using the talent you have.

The sound SUCKED (all the equipment, no ability). The house band overall was average, but they had a great sax player and lead guitarist. Both kept me from pulling the hair out of my head while I suffered through this disaster masquerading as open mic. The guest bands (meaning the few bands not featuring Johnny Allen on guitar) were decent. Props to those who waited around for hours just to play a couple songs.

If you find yourself in Miami, for a good time go anywhere but Little Hoolie's on Thursday's.

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cindy-jo dietz (11/2008)
Make sure there is not a major sporting event happening the same day. They'll cancel OpenMic for a big game or local televised sport.
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Walter Conklin (6/2005)
Players, call and confirm the same day you want to play. I confirmed the night before and arrived to find out open mic had gotten cancelled that afternoon, after I had confirmed. Other than that, the place looked promising.
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Julio (9/2004)
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