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US and Canadian Open Mikes - by musicians, for musicians

Oak and Vine

Open Mike
Every Sunday at 8:30pm

Hosted by Bill McGarry

117 E Harvard St
Glendale, CA


Upcoming Dates

  • Sunday, Dec 11
  • Sunday, Dec 18
  • Sunday, Dec 25
  • Sunday, Jan 01
  • Sunday, Jan 08

just plain not good… pass on this one
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jim frugaul (5/2016)
One of the better open mikes in the greater LA area. Sign ups at 8pm, show starts at 8:30pm. $10 minimum is strictly enforced. 2 songs per performer. Piano is available to play as well, though the last time I played it it did have one "dead" key
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Brian Dillon (12/2013)
WARNING! I stopped going to this Open Mic about 2 years ago. Why? The host (a really nice guy) but very weak when it comes to control over his audience. People will talk right through your songs. It is not a listening room. Example: Even the performer just before me continued to stand right in front of the stage while I was singing and playing. As usual, the host was down stairs talking to friends and not where he should have been. I unplugged and left. THAT is just one story. Go if you want but not to perform is my suggestion.
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R. K. (1/2013)
As of 1/5/13, the sign ups start at roughly 8pm and the show starts at roughly 8:30pm. I say "roughly" because sometimes the show and sign ups will start earlier or later. The trend at this mike is for complete audience silence during performances. This trend is due mainly to the fact that the actual audience area is quite close to the performer. There is a 10$ minimum that is loosely enforced, but if you at least get SOMETHING (a drink, appetizer, etc.) you won't be hassled. They have a piano that needs to be tuned. Intimate atmosphere. Typical open mike crowd (i.e. average crowd age is 45, mostly Caucasian, etc.).
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Brian Dillon (1/2013)
I really love this open mic. The host is great. Everyone is receptive and it's very intimate. Nice piano.
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Rosie B (12/2012)

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