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In a Pig's Eye

Open Mic
Every Monday at 9pm
148 Derby St.
Salem, MA

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  • Last updated: March 21

Upcoming Dates

  • Monday, Dec 12
  • Monday, Dec 19
  • Monday, Dec 26
  • Monday, Jan 02
  • Monday, Jan 09

? says last updated 12/2/2014. Are you still on going?
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Sally (3/2016)
? What time is sign up
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Anonymous (7/2014)

Well if you can't afford a trip to Disney World… Don't go to Disney World. If you can't afford to go to the local bar to benefit from the open mic service they are providing with real $$$ then don't go to the bar with the open mic! The bartender makes 0$0. This is how all American restaurants are set up. The staff lives on tips alone (the slight wage they get does not cover the taxes that get taken out)

Again, if you can't afford to go to the bar, you shouldn't. Libraries are free, busking is sometimes free, not sure where else you can play your instrument where someone isn't paying for the lights to be on.

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Anonymous (12/2014)
Looked like a slow night on Jan 14, 2013 but it picked up quite a bit after a while. Spike was our host and I played sixth. Pretty decent time was had, the energy was a bit lacking in the crowd. Almost everyone there was a performer with just a few spectators. I think they staged 12 acts from 9 to midnight. I thought it was a bit out of line for the bartender to sarcastically complain about a 20% tip on a beer. Sort of shamed me in front of the house as he shouted "thanks for the 50 cents" as I walked out the door. But 50 cents is all I had. I have come here about 20 weeks in a row. How much should this bartender expect on my next visit? Maybe a penny under the glass for being such an ass to a regular. I gave this bar my last couple bucks and I don't feel too appreciated for my patronage.
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 Dave Kraft (1/2013)
It's not easy competing with the college football title game and yet there was still a strong turnout. Always love Taylor's Mandolin playing and there was a nice early start time around 8:25PM. I wish more events started this early so more early risers could participate and be home at a reasonable hour. I planned to play early and then split to catch the rest of the game. I saw it was 28 to nothing at half time, so I returned to catch a few more acts. Still my favorite open mike venue and Host - Julie. Still gets my highest rating with almost no time wasted, early start time, high level of talent, unwavering fairness and great speed on transition; also very little "dead air" silence. If you show up a little early, there is a guarantee you'll get to play. I have seen Julie squeeze in every act that shows up - almost without fail, unless you show up near the end. I love Charlie and his pal's sound. There was two new acts I enjoyed, Chris drove all the way from New Hampshire to play and he was good. Almost never is there a painful act here. I can see why some of the players get spoiled here and don't bother with other open mikes. After you've been to the best there is… it's tough playing elsewhere. Julie sets the gold standard in open mike hosting.
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 Dave Kraft (1/2013)

Just wanted to chime in and give a big thank you to all ! You know who you are,

and you also know why! Happy Holidays and big hugs from the Beverly gang! The Pig's Eye Rules!

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 Mary Lou Lord (12/2012)

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