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US and Canadian Open Mikes - by musicians, for musicians

Hudson River Coffee House

Open Mike (music, comedy, poetry)
Every Thursday at 8pm

Hosted by Tony Leonardi

229 Quail Street
Albany, NY

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  • Thursday, Jan 05

I may have gone on the wrong night, but I found this to be a total train wreck.

There was a young lady with obvious mental issues who was disrupting each of the performers until finally one performer called her out and managed to persuade her to leave. If there was a singer on stage, she would go up and try to sing an improvised backup vocal with them. This was obviously horrible and very disruptive. Then there was a comedian on stage and she heckled him in a very obnoxious way. I was very surprised that the guy running the open mic didn't do anything to get rid of her. She should have been kicked out of the place.

Unfortunately, she was not the only problem. There was a group of younger guys who were being very rude and obnoxious throughout the night. They were sitting in the front row so it was very disruptive to the performers. They weren't nearly as bad as the previously mentioned woman.

The PA had a blown fuze that night, so they were using old guitar amps as speakers. The sound was horrible and had a very negative effect on several performances.

On a positive note, the place was packed, standing room only. And, 90% of the people there were being very attentive and polite. The performers were super eclectic. There was singer/songwriter types, R&B, comedian, a trumpet player, chiptune, etc.

That particular night, each performer could only play 2 tunes. I am not sure if it is like that every time. Also, you should get there a little before 8 to sign up. I think there are maybe 16 slots and they fill up.

The scene there is mostly students and people in their 20's.

It may be "The Best" open mic on other nights, but this night it was certainly the worst. My guess is that this event has gotten a little too big and too out of control. I wouldn't go back.

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Kelly (2/2013)
? Can you plug an electric accounting guitar in pa
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Bob Stone (12/2012)
Great open mic, laid back, open to rap poetry small bands, acoustic, piano… whatever you have to offer! primarily college aged audience, but it ranges somewhat
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Matt (10/2012)
? I'm looking for a place to play drums in a jam session.
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Dan (9/2012)
A little chaotic, but definitely not boring. Anton is a great host, and he is behind the counter, so he's a very busy guy.
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 Fred Bement (7/2012)

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