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Harlow's Pub

Lou's Open-Mic-A-Go-Go (music, comedy, poetry)
Every Wednesday at 9:30pm

Hosted by Lou Eastman

3 School Street
Peterborough, NH


Upcoming Dates

  • Wednesday, Dec 07
  • Wednesday, Dec 14
  • Wednesday, Dec 21
  • Wednesday, Dec 28
  • Wednesday, Jan 04

Call First! I showed up one night and they had scheduled a "local talent" night. Said they did it approximately once a month.
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 steve (7/2016)

I visited Harlow's Pub open mic in July 2012. A small crowd, maybe 10, including musicians and companions, gathered around the area near the stage as Lou set up. The rest of the pub was filled with rather loud diners/drinkers.

On this evening, only four performers went on. I was the third one up. The first was a lady who sang quiet, jazz influenced pieces while playing a classical guitar. She was enjoyable, but I had a hard time hearing her over the crowd. The second guy was louder, but he had a couple of false starts on songs, and seemed to be troubled with his own performance.

I started out with a louder song, and actually got the crowd to quiet down for a minute, but it didn't last long. I felt like those near the stage were attentive. The last guy was a seasoned singer/songwriter with CDs in his pack. I loved his set and even bought one of his CDs, which promptly became the soundtrack for the rest of my visit to New Hampshire.

This is a great place for an open mic, but on the night I was there I felt like I was really competing with the noise. I hope to come back and give it another try.

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 Volkert (8/2012)
Acoustic only please.
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 Lou Eastman (5/2011)
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