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Folk Music Center

Open Mic
Last Sunday of the month at 6pm

Hosted by Jerry O'Sullivan

220 Yale Ave.
Claremont, CA

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  • Submitted by Katy Stone
  • Last updated: August 14, 2013

Upcoming Dates

  • Sunday, Dec 25
  • Sunday, Jan 29
  • Sunday, Feb 26
  • Sunday, Mar 26
  • Sunday, Apr 30

Who cares if you only play for 5 minutes? If you're there it's because you either love to perform, or love listening to other people doing it. That's what an open mic is about. Rock on Claremont! See you Sunday!!
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 Brooke Jessen (8/2013)
What time are sign ups
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jc (4/2013)
This is a nice place I was there on sunday 9/29 and it had to be at least like 110 degrees hooooot!!! this can't be good on your guitar. I waited 3 hours outside waiting in line for them to open the door for sign ups. I played my song (about 3 and a half minutes since you only get 5 minutes so there really there is no time for another song. other than waiting 3 hours in the summer heat just to play one song is rather painful but other than that it is great!
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anonymous (9/2010)
Hi natalia, just show up, stand in line outside for two hours in the schorching heat and you get 5 whole minutes of fame when your turn comes up guau!!
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anonymous (7/2010)
? Hi I am a vocalist and rythm guitarist and I would like to know a few things: Does a person need to be at least 18 to play? Are all the songs required to be origionals? And is an audition required or does one simply show up that same day and play?
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