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Flappers Comedy Club

Happy Hours Auditions (music, comedy, poetry)
Every Wednesday at 6pm

Hosted by Dave Reinitz

102 E. Magnolia Blvd.
Burbank, CA

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  • Submitted by Barbara Holliday
  • Last updated: May 20, 2013

Upcoming Dates

  • Wednesday, Dec 14
  • Wednesday, Dec 21
  • Wednesday, Dec 28
  • Wednesday, Jan 04
  • Wednesday, Jan 11

Ha Ha Ha!! thank you mr anonymous that was soooo funny! but I think it went over silly silly shirley's head, she didn't get it. May be it's because she's too serious or something. oh well…
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Same Guy, Agreeing with Himself (9/2011)
looking forward to attend
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marion (10/2010)

I was wondering where the name Flappers came from and I was able to figure it out last wednesday. It's because this open mic is a

Flap hence "Flappers" Get it. Explain please? I am a musician and it is advertised here as a music, comedy and poetry (look above) well I called to verify and was told that it is only for comedians: however was also told that they have a full bar where you can play for tips so I went, than I was told that I can go in the open mic in the big room because it's also for musicians not just comedians, are you confuced? don't feel bad, so am I. than once I went in the big room and signed up I was told that this is only for comedians so now we are not just confused but starting to sense that these people are either extremely disorganized and don't know what the F they are doing or they're just effing with me. but never mind I have infinite patience so I went back out to the bar to play my music and was told I couldn't play because it's interfering with the comedy open mic. This is why Flappers was a Flap. but on the other hand if they had actors and actriesses playin this out in a play like, it would be pretty funny don't you think and it would fit right in with their comedy except that it would be a true story. yeah Flappers was a Flap.

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anonymous (10/2010)


It is so boring that you are so bitter

there are loads and loads of places to play music

maybe you got there because your Higher Power was trying tot ell you to lighten up and have a laugh

you are way too serious

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silly shirley (4/2011)
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