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Epicure Café

Epicure Open Mic
Every Thursday at 7:30pm

Hosted by James Colvin

11104 Lee Hwy
Fairfax, VA

In 2010, Epicure Cafe opened its doors as an independently owned and family-run cafe, gallery, and music venue in Farifax, VA. Epicure offers delicious food, a tasteful beer and wine selection, coffee drinks, and an undying love and appreciation for the arts. Throughout the years, Epicure has become home to a growing family of young creatives in the DC area, and our open mic has become a warm stage to an incredibly creative local music scene. Hope to see you here soon!

Be here no later than 730pm to signup - in person only. All styles of music are welcome :) Our open mics are free, but you are required to drink or eat something.

Please note that Epicure has moved from its original location, just up the road on Lee Highway, across the street from Guitar Center, where "John's Place" used to be!

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Will give it a try one more time, but last time I went I signed up and the host scratched off my name without asking for me… presumably because I wasn't a "regular" so I definitely understand the comment about favortism
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Anonymous (7/2014)

All newcomers are always more than welcome! The only reason anyone would be scratched off without getting to play is if they weren't available when called.

Everyone's a potential "regular." Hopefully, you did return and found this to be the case :)

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James (Thur. night host) (4/2015)

Dear "Anonymous,"

I am truly sorry that you did not enjoy yourself at our Open Mic the other night… I am the host and while I do not necessarily speak for anyone else, I do know that we are very proud of what we're doing and what makes us different than most open mics. We are a big, inclusive family that has been cultivated over the last several years since its inception at The Soundry in Vienna. It's very disappointing that we could be dismissed as "cliquey" when we are truly accepting of all kinds of artists with all kinds of backgrounds of all different ages and I'm sure that if you had taken the time to reach out to any of the acts that you enjoyed, you would have found that to be the case and been welcomed as we have welcomed everyone else into our constantly growing family.

We admittedly do not have the most ideal sound system and I am admittedly not a "sound guy," but we are truly grateful for the donated sound equipment and I have accepted the challenge of giving every act the best sound that I can (as I interpret it) and most musicians have shown their appreciation for my efforts. I'm new to it and I choose to do this because I really enjoy it, because I truly want everyone to sound as good as they possibly can. As a musician, I have experienced many open mics that do not provide this custom care and it's a personal pet peeve of mine when little attention is being given to the sound. 2 weeks ago our amp that powers the speakers overheated and was on the fritz the entire night and last week we did experience some feedback early on in the night and it is regretful. Our sound system is used for several other events that take place during the week so changes are made, unknown to me and there can sometimes be an adjustment period for the first couple of acts (with monitor placement, etc) and sometimes with the addition of any new instruments, but the issues are dealt with as quickly as possible. I have learned by trial and error and do have room to grow in this area and am always looking to improve my skills. I welcome anyone who approaches me in a friendly manner who wishes to share their knowledge and I welcome any act to prepare me with notice for any special needs that they may have for sound. Other sound issues arise when musicians don't handle equipment properly and I do my best to coach them along, but there is sometimes little that can be done in the moment. There are so many things being constantly adjusted and accounted for that some compromises are made on the fly to account for these mitigating circumstances, but I assure you, the sound is being given the utmost attention throughout the night. I challenge any experienced engineer to accomplish perfect sound for over 25 acts in a row, but I still hold it as a personal goal for myself and appreciate most people's patience when things do happen to go awry.

I'm very curious as to what is meant by "favoritism" because I have personally gone through great pains to make sure that everyone gets a fair chance to play. I'm now good friends with so many of the musicians that I can't possibly get away with showing preference to anyone in particular. Sign ups are at 7:30 with the people arriving first getting the first choice of a slot. Some exceptions are made for touring musicians or bands that have an upcoming show at our venue. We recently moved from three songs to just two so that even more people get a chance to play. If you mean that some acts are more appreciated by the crowd then I can only point out the observation that you can't really expect any different and that if you somehow felt under-appreciated then I can only suggest putting more effort into your performance rather than blaming anybody else for a lack of reception. As a fellow musician, I can tell you from experience that giving up is never the answer.

As for being "too hip" and "too crowded," I feel that we are so incredibly blessed to have so many talented musicians (and non-musicians!) join us every Thursday, enjoying what is always such a good time with old friends and the shared openness to making new ones every week.

I thank you for taking the time to comment (albeit negatively) and, again, I am truly sorry that you didn't enjoy yourself. I hope that you find another venue more suitable to your expectations of an open mic -OR- I'm sure that if you return with a slightly more open heart and mind and a willingness to embrace what makes us a bit different, either on another Thur. night or our slightly more laid-back Mon. night open mic, you will find yourself a new, welcoming and Loving family that I couldn't be more proud to be a part of.



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James (6/2014)

Too loud, too crowded, too much time between acts, too much favoritism. The sound system is terrible or badly run - serious issues with the levels and too much feedback, too often, because again, it's loud past the point of fun.

Real cliquey, not friendly, a little too hip - and I'm done.

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Anonymous (6/2014)
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