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US and Canadian Open Mikes - by musicians, for musicians

Red Lounge Bar & Grill

Open Mike (music, comedy, poetry)
Every Tuesday at 7pm

Hosted by Turk Da Comedian

2013 14th Street NW
Washington, DC


Upcoming Dates

  • Tuesday, Dec 13
  • Tuesday, Dec 20
  • Tuesday, Dec 27
  • Tuesday, Jan 03
  • Tuesday, Jan 10

Does this place have open Mics for poets, can you just come in and share your poem? Or do you have schedule it as an event?
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Angelica (10/2015)
? Hi, just wanted to find out about the open mic events, how do you sign up and when does it usually start?
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Vince (10/2014)
? Hello to whom it may concern, I'm interested in doing the upcoming open mic and was wondering how do I sign up…
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Avarielle (6/2014)
? is the open mic still going on
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? i'm 18 but i just want to get an open mike experience. could i still do that here or should i find another open mike?
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Hayley (10/2013)
Performers have to dress to impress or just people going to the show?
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Anonymous (4/2010)

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