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Cowboy Monkey

Open Mike
Every Tuesday at 9pm

Hosted by Mike Ingram

6 Taylor St
Champaign, IL

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  • Last updated: May 17, 2014

Upcoming Dates

  • Tuesday, Dec 06
  • Tuesday, Dec 13
  • Tuesday, Dec 20
  • Tuesday, Dec 27
  • Tuesday, Jan 03

These days this open mic runs from 9:00-12:30. As always, we don't do drum kits or big amps, but other than that we'll work with just about anything. Mostly we get the usual influx of acoustic strummers along with hip-hop folks with tunes on their phones. If you go that second route, you need to be able to play your own tunes onstage via an electronic device (laptop, phone, iPod); we won't be able to play your burned CD.

Sign-up sheet goes out at 8:30 and you need to be present to snag a slot. First come, first served. Slot length varies depending on the number of sign-ups.

Also, this Abraham guy must be mistaken. Only two people have ever hosted this open mic, and that's me and Brandon T. Washington. Must be thinking of something else?

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Mike Ingram (5/2014)
Honest Abe here, comin' tonight man. I used to host this thing! Probably be playin all sorts of stuff; Beatles, Rihanna, Nirvana, Sublime, RHCP, etc. Acoustic/electric guitar or bass. May bring both.
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Abraham Brumleve (1/2013)
? How do yu submit to perform? I want to do so.
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LV (6/2012)


My name is Jason Burgos. My band and I are interested in performing at one of your next open mic nights. Our name is Rosenrot and we perform covers of the band Rammstein, a German hard rock band. Would you guys be interested in having us perform? If so, could you give me more details as to what equipment we would need to bring? Thank you.

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Jason Burgos (2/2011)
Great room, roomy stage, great sound, great host, and a very broad beer selection. Highly recommended.
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