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Country Tavern

Tune Chic Acoustic Open Mic
Last Wednesday of the month at 7:30pm

Hosted by Sandy Connolly

704 Long Hill Road
Guilford, CT


Upcoming Dates

  • Wednesday, Dec 28
  • Wednesday, Jan 25
  • Wednesday, Feb 22
  • Wednesday, Mar 29
  • Wednesday, Apr 26

Hi Tom! Thanks for the question. It's funny to me that people think I have a house band, but I do not have one in the usual manner. I do have a volunteer house DRUMMER every month, though. The rest of the crew I just grab as they walk in the door. They all know if they get there first and I happen to know that they can "jam", they get to play in the opening set. If you have tunes that are better known to the general population of musicians and don't mind a few mistakes here and there, you can let me know ahead of time or even upon your arrival, and I'll hook you up. You can email me at and let me know what your list is, and I'll see what I can do.
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Sandy Connolly (7/2016)

What is your process for using the band guys to back me up? Do they have a select list or do I submit tunes for backup, or what?

Thanks Sandy

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Tom Mullenbach (7/2016)
This event has a full PA rig. It gets crowded for its popularity thus interchange time can eat up performance time. The talent pool and skill levels are very good. If you go, make an effort to be able to set up/ strike out fast. Then everybody gets more time to perform. Have fun!
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mark (2/2015)
Thanks for the review, Mark! We're still going strong. This week marks our four-year anniversary!
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Anonymous (2/2015)
Sandy - you are remarkable at what you do. What a night!
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 Fred Bement (8/2013)
The June Open Mic is rescehduled for June 19 due to Guilford High School graduation taking place that last Wednesday.
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