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Club Passim

Club Passim Open Mic (music, comedy, poetry)
Selected Tuesdays at 7:30pm
47 Palmer St., Harvard Square
Cambridge, MA

The Passim Open Mic is held weekly on Tuesdays. Admission is $6.

Beginning at 6pm, we will take the first 30 signups for our lottery. Just before 7pm, the order for the night will be chosen at random. You MUST be present to sign up and play. If you arrive later than 7pm and we still have space on the list, we will add folks to the end of the night.

Performances begin at 7pm. Each performer gets 10 minutes or two songs, whichever comes first. If your songs are two minutes long, you do not get five of them. You still get two. If your songs are 8 minutes long, please just play one. Originals are encouraged, but covers are certainly not frowned upon! We are not exclusively a music open mic, so feel free to bring your poems, your comedy, your stories or whatever other kind of performance you do (within reason, of course).

We have three vocal mics, two instrument mics, two DI lines and a keyboard set up to use at the Open Mic. Please do not bring amps or drum kits.

Passim is all ages - that means performers AND audience. If your 8 year old daughter has written a song, we have a stage for her! If your 85 year old grandfather is an amazing piano player, we have a stage for him!

The Open Mic is recorded by Steve Friedman of Melville Park Studio. For a reasonable fee, he will take the recording of your performance back to his studio for mixing and give you a great quality recording for your use! Steve has a great primer of do's and don't for open mics on this site -


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