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Cape Ann Brewery

Open Mike
Every Thursday at 9pm

Hosted by Brian Fines

11 Rogers Street
Gloucester, MA

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  • Submitted by Dave Kraft
  • Last updated: January 14, 2014

Upcoming Dates

  • Thursday, Dec 08
  • Thursday, Dec 15
  • Thursday, Dec 22
  • Thursday, Dec 29
  • Thursday, Jan 05

? Hello - I will be in Gloucester MA next week, visiting from the DC area, and would like to stop by this open mic on Thursday 1/23. My main instrument is upright bass, but will be travelin' light with ukulele. Is there a designated sign-up time, or is this more of an open jam? thanks - -
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Moe Nelson (1/2014)
? Does anyone know if you have too be over a certain age to perform? I am 15 and looking for an open mic night in the Gloucester area.
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Martine (3/2013)
Finally made it to my own listing on Oct 4, 2012. I like this brewery and the way they built the tables adds to the sociability of the place. The tables are enormous and by their very nature - mix groups of people that normally would not interact with one another with small individual tables. I also like it that no body can spill your drinks by bumping into your table because they are too heavy to move a milimeter. The Brewery also had a new pumpkin stout that was killer. The selection of beers looked endless and far more extensive than most any microbrewery you will find. The bar tender is friendly and the host is more welcoming to the newcomer than I expected. I got to play first and had a drummer, basssist, lead guitar and surprising to me was the accordian player who joined in. So it's more of an open jam than open mic because people will just jump into your song. Sometimes that's disruptive to the rhythym and sometimes you can mesh the gears so to speak. The accordian kinda' threw me off, the lead guitar from the host was much better synched when he joined in. I much prefer playing with a band backing as opposed to soloing but I prefer to start knowing who is going to play. I think my favorite throw together band is mandolin, hand drums, bass and sometimes harmonica. Sometimes it's better to not mic the harmonica so he does not try to dominate the sound. That's what I love about mandolin… no matter what it never seemes to override the ryhtym guitar volume like a lead guitar sometimes does. And having a hand drummer as opposed to the standard drum kit, it's the same thing. I like playing with this house band and I recommend coming here. We had to leave early but it looked to me like it was well attended but light on musician turnout… that's usually good news to most openmike entusiasts. I was happy playing 4 rock and roll covers. I would definitely come back.
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 Dave Kraft (10/2012)
Still have not made it here to give a review. I heard positive rumblings from a fellow openmiker who said it was going quite a while. Sounded pretty good so I listed it… Hoping someone would give us a comment.
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 Dave Kraft (10/2012)
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