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US and Canadian Open Mikes - by musicians, for musicians

Brick House Brewery

Open Mike with KYLE
Every Wednesday at 8pm

Hosted by KYLE

67 West Main St.
Patchogue, NY

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  • Submitted by bricbrew
  • Last updated: November 25, 2015

Upcoming Dates

  • Wednesday, Dec 07
  • Wednesday, Dec 14
  • Wednesday, Dec 21
  • Wednesday, Dec 28
  • Wednesday, Jan 04

hello sign up is at 8 but the host shows up around 8:40.set up time is about 30 minutes.then the house band does a set for about 45 minutes.(these guys are AWESOME.I was truly impressed with the talent)the mic check was some steve ray vaughn… i was first "open mic person"went on around 10:00 rapped up 10:15(played guitar /sang) the crowd loved it!three or four other "open mic ppl" went up and i asked the drummer if i could sit in with one of them and was told "oh we practiced these songs and the guy wants him to play". (that was a lie the guitar guy was a walk in and qued him on the songs) i asked again can i sit in on the drums PLEASE? At 11:00 the house band was back on stage.I asked AGAIN! in a polite and respectful manor!! CAN I SIT IN ON DRUMS? kyle said let me ask the drummer turned around and started another house band set!Isn't the OPEN MIC FOR THE PATRONS? DRUMMERS DON'T BOTHER! your house drummer played for three hours without letting any one play the drums!! THATS NOT OPEN MIC!THe host should have told him to get up!!!The beer is good, i didnt have any food. the P.A s good the amps and equipment are top notch , BUT,! the format needs a little work! as a walk in open mic everyone should get a chance to play! don't invite musicians to OPEN MIC if they have no chance of playing!!!!!
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 mikey b (10/2015)
? is the format the same on the open mic thing? cause last time the drummer wouldnt let anyone play his drums
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mikey b. (11/2015)
Sign-up is at 8:00, start is 9:00. Full drums, amazing sound, packed bar. It's noisy, but if you can get it done, you'll get attention & applause. This is not an earthy-crunchy, you could hear a pick drop, listening room. The performers did cover sets or original sets, and there were 2 full bands. Kyle is a very attentive and accommodating host, a very good musician, and a really good guy.
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 Fred Bement (6/2012)

This is a really hip open mic. Kyle is a great musician/host.

Great acts get gigs at the Bickhouse, sometimes.

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bricbrew (10/2010)
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