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US and Canadian Open Mikes - by musicians, for musicians

First Parish Unitarian-Universalist Church

Boulder Coffeehouse
Second Saturday of each month at 7:30pm
923 Main Street
Fitchburg, MA


  • Submitted by Nate Smith
  • Last updated: September 8, 2015

Upcoming Dates

  • Saturday, Feb 13
  • Saturday, Mar 12
  • Saturday, Apr 09
  • Saturday, May 14
  • Saturday, Jun 11

are these open mics still happening?
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hbotto (9/2015)
Musician's play open mikes because they like the other performers (it's a community), it's a great way to practice, and sometimes you get a paying gig out of it--it's happened to me 4 times in the last month. Only thriving bars and restaurants can afford "free" open mikes. All the best, lots of love, Skip.
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Skip Jackson (3/2012)
hey i was wonder how long this goes till cause i get out of work usualy aorund 930 ans was wondering if i had time to come up or not?
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Rob (2/2009)
The best way to get in contact with me is email: .
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 Nate Smith (1/2009)
I'm sick of people whinning about pay to play. You pay to play because not enought people show up to cover the venue. Not enough people show up because muscians are lousy promoters. Bring some friends, maybe it will change.
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 Tank LeBlanc (4/2008)

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