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Ultimate Indie Acoustic Showcase, Comedy and open mic Night (music, comedy)
Third Thursday of the month at 8:30pm
107 21st Place,
Newport Beach, CA

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  • Last updated: October 18, 2012

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  • Thursday, Jan 19
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  • Thursday, Apr 20

for everyone's information, I have tried to perform at this place twice but the person that runs this open mic makes it so unecessarily difficult and I don't understand why after considering the circumstances. In their own words below It says to sign up on-line OR "SHOW UP EARLY TO SECURE YOUR SPOT". Well the first time I went there I did show up early and there was at least two open slots that no one had reserved yet but he would not allow me to sign up in either of those spots, Instead he told me I could wait til everyone is done performing and if there is time I can perorm at the end of the night, I asked him that the spots are open and why I can't just take one of those spots and he said that he wants to give everyone that already signed up a chance to go up first. This doesn't make any sense because the spots are given by time slots and the people that already signed up chose to/and or agreed to play at those time slots. The second time I tried to perform there, I asked for a spot on-line the day before the open mic and he told me to send him a link where he can view my talent or something of that sort. He is making it soud like this is some kind of spacial open mic or something but I hung aroud the first time I was there and the talent was no different or any more entertaining than any other place I've been to and I have been to in my estimation hundreds of open mics all over the country. oh well!
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Mr Hip (10/2012)
Also what time is sign up??
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Paul Weller (7/2012)
? How many song or how much time do we have doing music?
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Anonymous (7/2012)

Ultimate Indie Acoustic showcase, comedy and open mic Night at the Blue Beet in Newport Beach

3rd Thursday every month between 8:30 pm and 12.

Musicians: Bring your Acoustic electric Guitar, all your friends and fans and rock the house!

Comedians: Bring yourself, all your friends and fans and rock the house!

Email ahead or show up early to sign up and secure your spot.


Address: 107 21st Place, Newport Beach, CA 92663

Phone: 949-675-2338

Web Site:

Thank you,

Ultimate Indie

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