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Open Mike (music, poetry)
Every Monday at 9pm
3575 University Ave
Riverside, CA

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  • Submitted by Joe
  • Last updated: March 4, 2015

Upcoming Dates

  • Monday, Dec 12
  • Monday, Dec 19
  • Monday, Dec 26
  • Monday, Jan 02
  • Monday, Jan 09

unfortunately i had a bad experience with this open mic. i went there on mon, and they do poetry and music. i was the first person there to sign up. sign ups are at 8:30 and i was there in the basement at 7:00. when sign ups came around the host walked around to my table and asked me if i was signing up, i replied yes, and he said well see about that. not sure what that meant being that it was all a hipster type crowd so i thought i was signed up and sat and watched the show. i waited for 3 plus hours to go up and the host just ended the show, mind he was letting people read 4 plus poems, play 3 songs, etc. he could have let me go up for 4 freaking min and play a song. Im not a shitty musician, ive played tons of open mics and gigs in so cal and glasgow when i was living there. it was as if i didnt get to play because i was in dirty work clothes after pulling a 12 hour shift. i even told the guy that i drove from huntington beach which is like over an hour away from the open mic and asked if i could just play my one song and he basically told me to go fuck myself. try again next week. i dont wanna detract from the talent. it was a great show and so many of the people who played were extremely talented but the host sucked. he could have made time for everyone to go but instead played favorites and let people he knew play for like 15 min. it definitely made me never want to play this location again. so just a heads up to anyone new thinking about going. you probably wont get to play.
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chris (11/2013)
? Is this acoustic only? Or are drums allowed?
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Laura (6/2013)
? Will there be an event this Monday, Veterans Day?
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RW (11/2013)
just show up. sign up at 8:30 downstairs. Every MONDAY night is OPEN MIC POETRY AND MUSIC. Tuesday nights are only MUSIC… sign up at 6:30 on tues.
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Anonymous (5/2013)
? How do i sign up to perform? Can i do some stand up?
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 Ruben Fierro (12/2012)
? so are music open nights on monday or tuesday? id love to go. also is there an age limit?
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Katy (1/2013)
this is truely a great open mic.
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Mr hip (king of the open mics) (12/2012)

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