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Austins Coffee

Open Mic (Music)
Every Tuesday at 8pm

Hosted by Aaron Fox Marshall

929 W.Fairbanks Ave.
Winter Park, FL

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  • Submitted by kelly craven
  • Last updated: December 24, 2015

Upcoming Dates

  • Tuesday, Dec 06
  • Tuesday, Dec 13
  • Tuesday, Dec 20
  • Tuesday, Dec 27
  • Tuesday, Jan 03

? I'm here from Vancouver my daughter rights and plays music. She does open mic back home. She is 16. Can she come dec 29. And play?
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Dean (12/2015)
I do not play an instrument , however I am an extreme music fanatic of many genres. I was wondering if it would be cool to read my lyrics off hand and possibly addlibbed if I feel comfortable enough!:/… I would love to swing by tonight
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Anonymous (4/2014)
? What all genres are aloud and what is the prize for the winner?
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Anthony Tuck (2/2011)
? How old do you have to been to perform?
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Katie (10/2009)
hey a few questions… do u have a PA system or do i need my own gear, do u allow music with some profanity, how do i sign up
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david Sokerka (2/2008)
I was there 2 weeks ago, nice joint for comics… musicians, poets… etc. usually starts around 9:30 on a Sunday evening. I was there from 7:30. Drinks are very reasonable. I left around midnight and they were still having a good time. I spent less than $10 bucks on drinks…
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brian (6/2008)

Austins does have a PA system, and they also have around 4 mics, so multiple people can get amped up if need be. Music with profanity is most certainly allowed. Also expect all kinds of acts. Ranging from political speech, poetry readings, rants, talented acoustic acts, in your face loud guitar, keyboards, and rants. Drum kits are not allowed, small drums are. Set up quickly as possible, you only get 15 minutes, and sound check will count against how long you can spend playing. The stage is also kind of small, along with the actual coffee shop. Peak hours will usually yield an audience of around 25 people.

PBR is a really cheap beer you can grab it for like $2. Coffees are great, sandwiches are OK.

Good luck!

OH and in order to book for open mic make sure to arrive at Austin's NO LATER THAN 7:30pm! Even then that can be to late if they start sign ups early, which sometimes they do!

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 JamesPete (5/2009)
Also at Austins Coffee:
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Open MikeEvery Wednesday (poetry)
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