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US and Canadian Open Mikes - by musicians, for musicians

Anchor High Grill

Writer Showcase/Open Mic (music, comedy, poetry)
Every Wednesday at 7pm

Hosted by John Hannum

128 River Rd
Hendersonville, TN


  • Submitted by John Hannum
  • Last updated: October 31

Upcoming Dates

  • Wednesday, Dec 07
  • Wednesday, Dec 14
  • Wednesday, Dec 21
  • Wednesday, Dec 28
  • Wednesday, Jan 04

I'll be coming down from Canada to do some recording in Nashville between Nov 15 - 26.

Can you please tell me how to go about signing up for this Open Mic?

I'd love to come out and play!

Have a lovely day <3

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 Melissa Plett (10/2016)
? Did you guy's ever start this up again as I had called and I was going to come out but was told it was stopped for awhile so if it is going on I'd like to know as I am a harmonica player who loves to jam.
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Geno (7/2012)
? What about a guy who's been playing harmonica for 39 years and loves the blues can and would he be able to jam
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Geno (2/2012)


If you are really serious about singing, and songwriting, . . . learn to play an instrument. "Anyone" can do it if they are determined.

Good luck,


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Dave (1/2012)

Mr. Hannum,

I am coming to visit a friend of mine in Hendersonville the 1st week of January. I am from a town named New Brighton- It is a little town above Pittsburgh,PA. I was wondering if there was any way possible to sing anywhere with tracks? I would love to join in the fun participating in open mics… but I couldn't bring other people with me to visit my friend to accompany me… is there a possibility to sing anywhere? Could I have advice??

Thank you,

Dawn Savage

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Dawn Savage (12/2011)

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