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US and Canadian Open Mikes - by musicians, for musicians

Alumni Restaurant and Bar

Open Mike (music, comedy)
Every Friday at 8pm

Hosted by David Penza

391 East Central St
Franklin, MA
Friday Night Open Mic @ The Alumni Restaurant and Bar! Bose L1 PA, two mics, 1 to 3 instrument plugins. We welcome all ages, genres, solos to small 2/3 piece bands, percussion (volume appropriate), and a warm and respectful crowd.


Upcoming Dates

  • Friday, Dec 09
  • Friday, Dec 16
  • Friday, Dec 23
  • Friday, Dec 30
  • Friday, Jan 06

Thought I'd give this one a try. Walked in, guitar in hand where they might keep it. I patiently waited my turn and finally asked when I might be able to play. He said, "Did

you sign the list? " Now ,there isn't always a list and he

hadn't mentioned it until now. He then showed me where it was and he said that I'd go on after these 3 guys. I said, You mean the one's that came in after me?. He said , "Yes." I left and told this guy outside what happened and he told me I could have his spot. You see, he understood ethics, diplomacy and decorum whereas the host didn't from what I could see. And speaking of "see". You'll never "see " me in this place again. So if you give it a try don't forget to sign the list.

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Clayton Willoughby (9/2016)
Hi, is there an open mic tonight? Friday, April 22nd?
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Susan Koh (4/2016)
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